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1) Say "Hi!" I'll say hi back and we'll plan your dreams session. 

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Our sessions range from Classic headshots to a full luxury Experience... 

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Oh hey there.

It's me 

I'm a spicy Italian lady who loves travel and Grocery Outlet more than the average bear. Spain is my heartland, I've spent 5 years consecutively traveling to Barcelona. I'll use any chance I can get to speak Spanish, and yes with the lisp. These day's I still jump to get on a plane to explore new territories and delight my eyes with exotic beauties. My most recent favorites were Cuba and Thailand. Sooo... uh, yeah, let me know if you need a photographer for your next vacay, I'll be there.  

I love art and every aspect of exploring human and natural beauty and on my best days the fusion and relationship between the two - simply divine. Photography is a great opportunity for me to connect with both myself and my subject. Discovering the beauty and mystery therein.  No matter how un-photogenic think you are, I guarantee that you are not. I will relish the chance to capture you in all of your unique glory. When I can show someone I tiny fleck of the way I see them, I know I've done my job. Today is your best day. 


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