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Pssst... Let's Talk sessions
Let's talk sessions

A Year

In Style

Make your Senior Year. The. Year. 

This year we are proud to an amazing Senior program, A Year in Style. We are putting together a line up of fun styled shoots that will be sure to wow. This program begins with Classic Session that is all about you and your style. I'll work with you to pick out your looks and pick a location that you'll love. After that, we'll have the rest of the year to play. Pick two sessions from our styled offerings and we'll take care of the rest and make you feel like a fashion model all year long. To top it all off, you'll receive a volume of 3 unique  magazines from your sessions. 



The Creative 

Just. Like. You. 

The Creative session includes:


in studio consultation 

  3-hour session

special destination 

30-60 images to choose from 

followed by an à la carte order session.  


The Classic

Less. Is. More.

The Classic is a no - nonsense session. Great for all Seniors and all styles. 

Session includes:

1.5 hours of shooting at a location of your choice. 

30 images to choose from 

followed by an à la carte order session in the studio.


how it works..

Why professional photography? 

On a daily basis we are bombarded by images of perfection. Perfectly staged, styled and edited images that make the reality of day to day life feel a little less than sparkly. 

Believe it or not having your photos taken by a professional is great for your self-esteem. Having an image beautifully shot by a professional helps create a different reflection on the self and one's image.  

It's your chance to see yourself from another perspective that allows you to ...

Almost everyone comes to a photo sessions feeling self conscious and worried to have their photos taken. 

call us for a consulation

For a free consultation. We'll make you look as good as you feel. 971.506.7720 

We'll meet to talk about your look and plan our session. To make sure sure this session tells your story. 

Meet at my Northwest studio to ooo and ahh over your images, pick out wall hangings prints... etc. The rest is up to me. 

Have a blast shooting some gorgeous images. 

Easy as 1,2,3... 
That's all folks
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